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CHALLENGE #31 [Jul. 26th, 2005|10:51 am]
Inuyasha Drabble Community


[mood |chipper]

A day late! but hey! I'm trying! Plus I hve a really good excuse!!! I had a job interview yesturday. I was there for an hour! I GOT THE JOB TOO! And then me and my roommate went tothe Casino, paid $13 to get into the buffet, and stuffed our faces till we thought we'd puke HAHAHAHA!
Yea and guess where i got a job at! SPENCER GIFTS! WHOOT! hahahaha! (for those of you who dunno what that is... IF any of you are out there... http://www.spencergifts.com/ ) I just have to wait on a background check to be run, and then I'll get my schedule LOL.

OK OK OK so, back to the point! Sessh won another shard from the last... what? 3 weeks?! hahahaha! He's kickin booty in the shard dept.


Challenge A: Butthead
Details: Inu Yasha is being mean again. Who is he being mean to this time? What is he doing?
Char/Pair: Inu Yasha and anyone else
Rating: Open
Genre: Open
Words: 100 - 350

Challenge B: OMG!!!
Details: Kagome brings Sango a gift. Sango doesnt even know what it is! When Kagome shows Sango what it is, Sango is quite shocked! What did Kagome bring? What does she tell Sango about it? What does Sango say?
Char/Pair: Kagome and Sango
Rating: open
Genre: Open
Words: 100 to 350

Character - # of shards awarded; * - Shard leader!
Buyo - 1
Hakudoushi - 1
Inu Yasha - 3
Jaken - 2
Ji-Chan - 1
Kagome - 2
Kagura - 1
Kikyou - 2
Kohaku - 4
Kouga - 2
Miroku - 4
Musou - 1
Naraku - 1
Rin - 2
Sango - 1
Sesshoumaru - 6*
Shippou - 1
Souta - 2

[User Picture]From: squishyorb
2005-08-06 02:05 am (UTC)

I do believe you are waaaay beyond late
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[User Picture]From: yumiichan
2005-08-06 05:45 am (UTC)
i'm in a predicament... see, i've been having problems at home and i've gotten to where i don't even want to be there anymore. so,i've basically made myself homeless.i've been living out of my car and sleeping at my boyfriend's house, or wherever he happens to be at. we haven't had net. i'm checking my email from his pda
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